Jessie J: Hearing my tracks is odd

Jessie J finds it "weird" when her songs are played in public.

Jessie J says hearing her songs in public places is “weird”.

The 25-year-old British singer explained how surreal it is to hear the sound of her voice when she doesn’t expect it.

The popstar is currently promoting her new single Wild which features rappers Big Sean and Dizzee Rascal, which she performed at a recent music festival in Morocco.

“I don’t like listening to myself sing. It’s weird listening to your own song, you’ll be in Burger King or a theme park and you cringe,” Jessie told BBC Radio 1. “At the festival I went to listen to Rihanna though, I like hearing her.”

Jessie is set to release her second album later this year. The songstress is a judge on the UK version of The Voice, and explained how her commitments to the show have impacted on the time she’d spent recording the upcoming offering.

“I started writing this record on the last season of The Voice and it took up much more time than I thought, we recorded nine songs in six days about four weeks ago. I don’t feel like I’ve had time to relax and get into album mode but I think that can be a blessing, I’m a 12 – 6pm kind of chick,” she explained. “I like to wake up have breakfast, go into studio then talk about what we are going to do for an hour or so, then record for four or five hours, then have dinner and talk about what we’ve done. I’m not into recording until six in the morning. It’s not a party.”
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Sunday, 02. June 2013