Zoë Kravitz petrified of flying

Zoë Kravitz says getting on a plane "terrifies" her.

Zoë Kravitz has a “silent panic attack” every time she is about to fly.

The actress-and-singer has a huge fear of being on a plane. Zoë revealed the phobia runs in her family, as her rocker dad Lenny Kravitz also experiences the same dread before takeoff.

“Aeroplanes terrify me. I fly a lot, but every time, I have a silent panic attack beforehand,” she told British magazine Grazia. “My dad, Lenny, doesn’t like flying either, so I might have inherited it from him. It just feels so unnatural flying through the air with zero control. I used to have a glass of wine to calm me down, but I can’t do that every time I fly.”

The 24-year-old star went on to explain that having her family scattered in different places hasn’t eased her flying fright. Zoë regularly has to board a plane in order to spend time with loved ones.

“I would have more people that I love living in one place [if I could],” she explained. “My mom lives in one place, my dad in another. I’d see my family more if they all lived in one place. And then I wouldn’t have to get on an aeroplane.”

Zoë has been romantically linked to stars such as Michael Fassbender and is currently believed to be dating Gossip Girl actor Penn Badgley.

She has revealed what she look for in a partner, insisting she prefers men who like to have fun.

“Humour. If you’re not funny I don’t want to know you,” Zoë explained. “You’ve got to laugh at other people and at yourself. Creativity is most definitely important and someone who is into adventure – a partner in crime.”
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Sunday, 02. June 2013