Demi Moore 'seeking marriage compensation'

Demi Moore allegedly wants Ashton Kutcher to "compensate" her for the "emotional turmoil" she's been through since they split.

Demi Moore reportedly thinks Ashton Kutcher should “compensate” her for the breakdown of their marriage.

The pair ended their six-year union in 2011 after it was claimed Ashton was unfaithful on their wedding anniversary, but Demi only filed divorce papers in March of this year. The 50-year-old actress is said to be seeking spousal support from the Two and a Half Men actor, with sources claiming she is determined to make Ashton pay out.

“Demi has been through a lot over the last couple of years and is refusing to sign the divorce papers until Ashton has given her the money she thinks he owes her,” a source told British magazine Grazia.

“Demi says she feels Ashton should compensate her for his alleged infidelity, and for the emotional turmoil, rehab and counselling she has endured since their split.”

Demi has seemingly had a tough time since splitting from Ashton. She spent time in rehab following her marriage breakdown and her relationship with her daughters Rumer, Tallulah and Scout has also suffered. In recent months, the star seems to be getting back on track and has been spending more time with her children and attending regular yoga sessions.

Demi’s personal worth is estimated at $150 million, while Ashton’s fortune is said to be $140 million.

She is reportedly seeking money for renovations to her New York and Los Angeles apartments, legal fees and rehab treatment, along with a cut of Ashton’s career earnings.

“Ashton has put her through a lot – she never wanted any of this fallout to happen and she feels he should compensate her for the emotional distress it has caused,” the source explained. “Ashton is angry at having to spend so much on legal fees. He does not want to give in to Demi because it could mean losing half of his fortune. Ashton feels like their divorce has been dragging on forever and he wants to get is finalised.”

Ashton has gone on to find love with actress Mila Kunis. There is speculation his relationship may convince Ashton to finally reach a divorce settlement with Demi.

“Demi can take as long as she likes but Ashton’s motivations is that he wants to be able to get on with his life with the woman he now loves,” added the source. “This might push him to thrash out a deal with Demi sooner rather than later.”
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Sunday, 02. June 2013