Jason Derülo: Sparks controls red carpet

Jason Derülo is not a fan of walking the coveted red carpet and lets his girlfriend Jordin Sparks take control instead.

Jason Derülo lets Jordin Sparks do all the talking on the red carpet.

The singer is in a relationship with the 23-year-old American Idol winner and they often attend glitzy events together.

It’s a relief for Jason that his gorgeous girlfriend is so bubbly.

“Yeah, it’s weird,” he admitted to British magazine Star when asked how it feels that they are both in the public eye.

“But it’s cool being on the [red] carpet and letting her do all the talking! The carpet is not my favourite thing.”

The stars both have keen fans who follow their every move on Twitter.

Whereas boybands and their girlfriends have received a backlash from jealous fans in the past, it’s not been as bad for Jason and Jordin.

“There is some support and then there are some angry fans, so a bit of both,” he admitted.

“But it’s definitely not as extreme as the One Direction fans!”

The couple have spoken openly about their desire to get married in the past.

Jason assures it’s on the cards at some point, but won’t give a lot away.

“It will happen when the time is right,” he teased.

“But there has been a talk, yeah. That’s all I’m saying. I’m just in a really good place in my life right now and it feels good.”

Recently it was reported that Jason might propose to Jordin by singing a song he penned entitled Marry Me.
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Sunday, 02. June 2013