Lively: Online imposters are odd

Blake Lively is unnerved people have set-up fake social media accounts in her name.

Blake Lively thinks it’s bizarre people are posing as her on the internet.

The former Gossip Girls star has fake profiles set-up on several social networking platforms.

A Twitter account with the handle @iam_blakelively is even verified with over 86,000 followers.

The 25-year-old actress wants fans to know that account, and many others, are not hers.

“I have fake Twitters and Instagrams,” she told E! News. “None of them are me.”

Blake admits she is disturbed by the phenomenon of celebrities having online imposters.

She said it’s “not good” and questions why diehard fans would want to trick the public by pretending they’re her.

“It is strange. I think it’s a little odd,” she said.

Blake on Saturday was in London at the Chime For Change: Sound of Change Live charity concert.

Beyoncé Knowles headlined the show, which also featured performances from Jay-Z, Jennifer Lopez, Rita Ora, John Legend and Florence + The Machine, among others.

Blake’s husband, Ryan Reynolds, was also a presenter.

Together the stars helped to raise $4.3 million for women’s and children’s rights.

Blake told the outlet she was honoured to be part of the cause. She also acknowledges social media played a large role in helping the cause.

“I think [Sound of Change’s] message is everyone has a voice,” she said.

“A woman is a woman and everyone has a voice and everyone can make a difference. And now because of social media, it used to be celebrities could reach the masses, but now everyone can have their voice heard,” she explained.
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Sunday, 02. June 2013