Emma Stone: I love to laugh at work

Emma Stone loves nothing more than working with her friends.

Emma Stone likes to “mess” with her co-stars.

The actress is good friends with Ryan Gosling, with both appearing in the hit comedy Crazy, Stupid, Love. and drama Gangster Squad.

Working with Ryan for a second time on the gangster flick made things more comfortable for Emma, who enjoys having a joke on set.

“It’s definitely easier as friends. I’m the opposite of a method actor, I need levity on set. I like to mess with people,” she smiled to British magazine Star.

Ryan added: “It’s nice, because you waste a lot of time being polite with people at first.”

While Crazy, Stupid, Love. had plenty of room for laughter, Gangster Squad is a serious story about police officers trying to take down a mob king.

Changing their relationship for the crime drama wasn’t easy for the two stars.

“We make each other laugh, which we didn’t get to do on this film, but would do accidentally anyway. That needed to be edited around!” Emma admitted.

Ryan added: “It was a challenge for us. Suddenly we had to be serious with each other. It was just a disaster, and a feat in editing that they managed to cut something serious out of what we did.”
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Saturday, 01. June 2013