Leonardo DiCaprio proud of past

Leonardo DiCaprio is happy to look back at his life.

Leonardo DiCaprio “loves” his past.

The actor is a Hollywood veteran, having starred in iconic films such as Titanic and Romeo + Juliet.

He can currently be seen in Baz Luhrmann’s adaptation of The Great Gatsby, but unlike his character Jay Gatsby, Leonardo is happy to look back into his history.

“My life is very different [to his],” he assured the UK edition of OK! magazine.

“Gatsby wants to erase his past. I on the other hand, love my past. Everyone has some sort of connection and can relate to Gatsby. He wanted to emulate Rockefeller, but he created his wealth in the underworld. We can all relate to that dream to be wealthy and recognised.”

Leonardo has been acting since the early ’90s and is still going strong with a starring and producing role in upcoming drama The Wolf of Wall Street.

The 38-year-old never tires of life in the limelight.

“No, I am not bored at all,” he said.

“I try to only pick roles that interest me these days, because I don’t want to get bored. I don’t want to go to work and not be excited about what I do.”

Leonardo is known as somewhat of a ladies’ man and has dated beauties such as Blake Lively and Erin Heatherton in the past.

The star is currently single and isn’t keen on mapping out his future when it comes to settling down and starting a family.

“I try to take life one day at a time,” he explained.

“My life changes so quickly all the time anyway. I can’t make those plans, and I don’t really want to make those plans. I am open to whatever comes my way.”
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Saturday, 01. June 2013