Kristen Bell: Motherhood is surprisingly wonderful

New mother Kristen Bell is shocked by how awesome parenthood is and thinks her fiancé Dax Shepard is the “best” father.

Kristen Bell reveals parenthood is “better than expected”.

The 32-year-old Veronica Mars actress and her comedian fiancé Dax Shepard welcomed daughter Lincoln in March.

Kristen confesses she had some reservations about becoming a mother initially, but her anxiety has since been allayed with Lincoln’s arrival.

“It’s actually better than I expected,” she revealed on an upcoming episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show. “[I’m having] a lot of fun. It’s pretty wonderful.”

Kristen is incredibly impressed by how her beau Dax has embraced fatherhood.

She thinks he is “the best” father and she loves to watch him interact with their baby girl.

“It’s like he’s just made a new best friend,” Kristen explained. “He just talks to her all the time. And sings to her all day. It’s wonderful.”

Kristen and Dax have decided not to publish photographs of their child.

The parents want her identity to be protected for now.

“[We’re] not quite positive that [Lincoln] wants to be a public figure yet,” she laughed.

“We’re going to leave that up to her. If she wants to, she can do a bunch of selfies. Who cares? But we’re just not going to make that decision for her.”

Kristen allowed Dax to name Lincoln.

Apparently there was no other choice, as Kristen joked she let him choose the moniker because “he is substantially bigger than I am, so I lost”.

“[Lincoln’s] always been Dax’s favourite name,” she smiled.
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Friday, 31. May 2013