Courtney Love: Bynes loves ugly

Courtney Love believes troubled Amanda Bynes would benefit from altering her attitude, as the former child star’s obsession with all things “ugly” is not becoming.

Courtney Love wonders why Amanda Bynes is so preoccupied with “ugly”.

Former children’s television star Amanda, 27, recently got arrested after allegedly throwing a bong out of a window.

Her erratic behaviour has sparked fears she may be mentally ill or abusing drugs.

Courtney reached out to Amanda via Twitter this week telling the troubled actress to “pull it together dude”.

Amanda responded by calling Courtney “the ugliest woman I’ve ever seen”. She has engaged in numerous Twitter wars of late calling nearly everyone ugly.

Courtney doesn’t believe this behaviour is very becoming.

“Oh yeah, that thing [Amanda]…I think she likes the word ‘ugly’ a lot… it’s like, what’s that about?” the rocker revealed on Sirius XM radio programme Opie & Anthony when asked what she thinks about Amanda.

“Listen, when I was 14 I was so bloody ugly, and I thought I was Kate Moss. I chased this guy named Mark…he was the hottest photographer in Portland, around…I gotta show you guys these pictures, they’re so ugly…I had this big schnozz and I had like blusher on like this, and I’m wearing white gloves and black and white [things]…and I am like this, making new wave faces and like voguing and I am so [f**king] homely and I had a gap in my teeth—and I thought I was the hottest thing in the world. And I was 180lbs.

“So if someone calls me ugly, it sort of rolls off my back because…it’s not about looks, it’s about attitude. I mean, you get laid on attitude…”

Courtney recently revealed her daughter Frances Bean Cobain turned down the starring role in Twilight.

The musician believes entering the entertainment industry at an early age is developmentally stunting.

“Then there’s this whole thing about…Disney kids—they’re not educated, look at how [Amanda] writes,” Courtney explained.

“I’m not educated either, but at least I’m autodidactic. At least I try and read Flaubert, do you know what I mean? [And] to pronounce it correctly. And they have no parental infrastructure, and after they’re not nubile anymore or useful they’re sort of waylaid…”
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Friday, 31. May 2013