Geri Halliwell: Men should be honest

Geri Halliwell feels sorry for men who have a "little one".

Geri Halliwell thinks guys with a “chipolata” should give girls a “heads up”.

The former Spice Girl is currently single but has been linked to comic Russell Brand and British writer Sacha Gervasi in the past.

Dating is fun for the redheaded star but there are certain pitfalls Geri thinks could be avoided when it comes to a guy’s “manhood”.

“There is that expectation! You know, when you first meet a guy, there is that expectation,” she laughed to Australian radio show hosts Kyle and Jackie O.

“I feel sorry for guys, because if they’ve got a little one… You know, of course we’ll bypass it if you’re really lovely. But it is a bit disappointing, I’m not gonna lie! I would pre-empt it! If I was a guy and had a little one, I’d say, ‘I just need to give you a heads up – it’s a chipolata!’”

The singer is currently still searching for her perfect man.

Geri revealed what she looks for when it comes to dating.

“I love when a man puts effort in! I just love effort; even if they embarrass themselves for love,” she giggled.

“That’s my kinda guy, even if they’re singing out of tune or are silly. They just jump the fence; they slay the dragon.”
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Friday, 31. May 2013