Primavera Sound 2013

It's friday and day 2 of Primavera Sound, it's kind of cold and very very windy.


It’s friday and day 2 of Primavera Sound, it’s kind of cold and very very windy. People look more like they are dressed for a wildlife excursion on Iceland rather than for a festival on the beach. We try to find some warmth lining up in front of the Pitchfork stage waiting for our first show with Solange! The excitement! And finally – there she is!

A small girl dressed in black leather pants walks on stage. As she starts singing it’s hard to believe that she is the owner of that huge voice. She brought a whole live band over seas and they all bring the same 80´s feeling. Solange wears this short neon green leather jacket and her dance moves is something in between MJ and a young Whitney. They focus on her latest album “True” but also shows how one soul song from her first album still fits the sound of today. She is so secure on stage and seem genuinely happy to be here. The vibe is simply so positive but when it’s time for “Losing You” she needs our help. “I just have one thing to ask from you guys: lets put our camera phones down. And lets just loose our mother fucking minds together, in this moment”. And we do. The whole Pitchfork stage moves and shakes, bumps and grinds – and no phones in sight. She sings about how “some things never seem to fucking work”, but hey, this show works so well! Thanks Solange, we needed that.


Truly excited about seeing Breeders perform “Last Splash”, and also doing a little teenage run when approaching the stage – yes – we got blown away. Not by the music, unfortunately. Barcelona proved its
state as the windiest city in Spain tonight, which unfortunately affected the sound a lot. It was like pushing the delay button in Garageband, but not producing a weird ambient tune.

It is quite a delight seeing Kim & Kelley being thankful and doing their best giving back to the crowd in front of the one and only Primavera stage, but they are ten years too late. I turn around and
watch the crowd, everyone pretty much in my 30-something-age. Most people are busy with their instagram accounts – #meandmyfavoritnostalgiabandthebreeders – or trying to light a
cigarette in the mild tornado. But the focus is somewhere else – it’s where we met our first love, where we played pool on a date or where we drove all night to see the perfect sunset (Cannonball or Sunset was
my end of surf songs if you wonder.) That’s how we remember the Breeders. Not like a Sheryl Crow-cover band with horrible sound, when all hipsters really, yeah REALLY, wants to be dancing to Solange 200 metres away, by the beach.

I love you Breeders, but you are bringing me down.

Blur & the Jesus and Mary Chain

So, tonight we will reunite with old-timers Blur and Jesus And Mary Chain. They both play Heineken Stage with a few hours in between. And these bands are like a woven quilt of teen dreams to me. In there you see your old hopes, goals and all the scary falls you did back then. It’s made of another era. And when Blur succeeds in still being nearly as engaging as they were back then, I have a harder time to reconnect with Scottish Reid Brothers. Nostalgia isn’t always enough. Sadly.

When JAMC shouts “I wanna die just like Jesus Christ” it feels more like a tired attempt to shake life into an old career in front that big light cross on stage than anything else. But Blur still feels important in a way. They still get to me and you realize how fun it must have been making set lists for this tour. Their number of brilliant pop songs is so high and that fact get’s very obvious tonight.


So yes, this is one of my favorite bands and the tide is high. Neurosis has been around what we call “forever” but the sound has been back and forth in the fans’ mind. It is kind of weird, but it has
always been about Scott Kellys state of mind. When he has been happy, we’ve been superhappy.

But listening to Neurosis live is the easiest way to be free. It’s like going to any punk bar in Rio de Janerio, you just kick your fucking shoes off and listen to Jesus or Allah. Scott is screaming out
his stomach ache, and the “songs” Black and Empty for the lonely spanish people who are sacrificing their student loans to attend Primavera Sound.

I go to sleep with a bass drum in my belly. So much better than any ‘professional band’ – a k a M e t a l l i c a – and yes – the tour manager called me afterwards to check if I liked it and guess what I
said? I said – you have chosen the best man in the world to sleep with. She replied with a silence and hung up. That’s mutual love.

The Knife

Finally The Knife goes on stage at 03:10. It feels late on this cold, second night of the festival. Lots of people have already left the site. But for the rest of us seeing The Knife is a must! And there’s a huge and loving crowd that welcomes them. In the beginning a group of people mimic that they play on their live instruments but after a couple of songs they just stop pretending and starts dancing instead. And the SHOW begins. If you felt a little tired before, that was easily swept away by the energy from the the dancers and the rhythmic beats. You are in the movement, entrapped and for the second time that night I thought of the 80’s when dancing a little by myself. On stage it’s dark and mythic, Karin Dreijer sits by a piano singing and the dancers all moves simultaneously in their break dance inspired choreography in what feels like a scene from an old music video. But I would never call their music sounding retro or anything. It is something completely different and you get the feeling that you are at the right place at the exact right time. Right where it all happens and I think that´s exactly what they had in mind for us. Magic!

Thursday, 30. May 2013