Pattinson's mom 'disagreed with reconciliation'

Robert Pattinson's "unhappy" mother is said to be partly responsible for his split from Kristen Stewart.

Robert Pattinson’s mother was allegedly “unhappy” about his reconciliation with Kristen Stewart.

The actor’s mother Clare is said to have opposed her son’s decision to reunite with his Twilight co-star following the cheating scandal that caused their initial split last year.

The 27-year-old rekindled things with Kristen following her affair with married director Rupert Sanders, but the pair have apparently parted ways for good now after removal vans were spotted leaving the house in LA they once shared.

“[Clare] seemed very unhappy that he and Kristen got back together. She was incredibly shocked by those pictures of Kristen with Rupert and couldn’t understand why anyone would want to cheat on her son,” an insider told UK magazine Look.

“To begin with, it was like Clare didn’t want to lay eyes on Kristen again, but of course she and Rob reunited and that was difficult for her.”

It was Robert’s mother’s negative attitude towards his relationship with Kristen that is thought to have contributed to their relationship breakdown. Robert is known for being close to his family and if his mom protests to things he’ll always listen.

“Rob is very close to his family and holds their opinion in high esteem, so when it came down to it he chose to stick with his blood rather than his heart,” the insider continued.

Adding to the strain of the relationship was also Kristen’s mother Jules’ interference.

“The truth is that Rob and Kristen never really got back to the place they were in before she cheated with Rupert,” the source finished.

“It didn’t help that everyone in their circle had their own opinions and in the process of trying to help, probably made things worse – especially their mums Jules and Clare.”
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Thursday, 30. May 2013