Derülo and Sparks bonded over accident

Jason Derülo is thankful Jordin Sparks "dropped everything" to look after him following his life-threatening accident.

Jason Derülo and Jordin Sparks fell “in deep love” after his life-threatening accident.

Jason and Jordin began dating in 2011, and the pair have been through some tough times together. While rehearsing for his Future History Tour in January 2012, Jason broke one of his vertebrae and consequently had to cancel all of his tour dates.

Jason is grateful the accident added another dimension to his relationship with Jordin.

“It really brought us closer. She dropped everything and flew over to me and we just really hit it off. She was just so selfless,” he told British magazine Star.

“Suddenly, we really got closer and let go and fell in deep love.”

Jason introduced his new single The Other Side last month, and he is set to release his third album in September.

The 23-year-old is proud of his recovery.

“It feels like a new beginning in so many different ways, like a second chance. I feel almost like I was on autopilot a little bit before. I think my injury woke me up a bit. I couldn’t be more excited to share what I’ve been working on for the past year!” he exclaimed.

“No [I won’t be jumping around less]. It made me want to go further! In terms of fitness, music and dancing, everything is just so next level. I’m going to come back better and even stronger than before.”

Jason also joked about collaborating with his singer girlfriend. The star quipped that Jordin will be putting her rapping skills to good use.

“Yeah she’ll be featured on my album and vice versa. She’ll be rapping on my album [laughs]. No, no, I’m just playing with you,” he giggled.
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Wednesday, 29. May 2013