Rita Ora 'sparks relationship fears'

Rita Ora's relationship with Calvin Harris has allegedly raised concern among her friends.

Rita Ora’s friends are allegedly concerned she is “going to end up seriously hurt”.

The 22-year-old singer has recently started stepping out with music producer Calvin Harris around London.

Rita’s pals have reportedly raised concerns about her relationship with the outspoken British DJ-and-producer, who is well known for publicly feuding with stars on Twitter.

“It looks like a serious case of history repeating itself. The last time Rita was with a guy who let it all out on Twitter was Rob [Kardashian] – we all know how that ended,” an insider told UK magazine Look. “She put on a brave face but, trust me, that hit her hard. Her friends are worried she’s going to end up seriously hurt.”

Rita’s friends are said to be worried that Calvin’s “unpredictable” personality spells trouble for the star. It has only been six months since she split from Rob after a spate of insulting tweets he aimed at her emerged on the social networking site. Her pals fear heartbreak and humiliation could be on the horizon again for Rita, given Calvin’s reputation.

“You’d have to have been living under a rock to not know Calvin’s unpredictable,” a friend continued.

“What Rita needs right now is stability and a calming influence. Friends are concerned he’s hardly the man for the job. People haven’t forgotten how rude he was to Rita in the past. And not just her – he seems to fall out with people every five minutes – major players in the industry who could have a large influence on Rita’s career. She’s not listening to her friends, though. Rita knows her own mind and if you tell her not to do something it makes her twice as determined to go ahead anyway.”
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Wednesday, 29. May 2013