Brad Pitt 'asks parents to move in'

Angelina Jolie has apparently grown much closer to Brad Pitt's mom in recent months.

Brad Pitt reportedly wants his parents to move into his French estate.

The actor and his partner Angelina Jolie are believed to be planning to reduce their staff, in particular nannies at the property. If Brad’s parents Jane and Bill accept the offer, they will help the couple care for their six children.

It has been claimed that Angelina has grown closer to Jane since announcing she underwent a preventative double mastectomy after discovering she carried the BRCA1 gene which dramatically increases the risk of developing breast and ovarian cancer.

“Angelina’s illness has brought the whole family closer together. Jane has really been there for Ange. They never used to spend a lot of time together, but now Ange is really keen to have her close by,” a source told British magazine Grazia. “Things are a lot better between them now. The shock of Angelina’s experience has really forced them to bond.”

According to reports, Brad has invited his parents to move in after he marries Angelina. The stars are expected to tie the knot in the next couple of months.

It seems Bill and Jane are eager to spend more time with Brad and his family, and a property on French estate is already being renovated for them.

“Work has started on the beautiful dovecote outbuilding – it’s like a little cottage,” added the insider. “Brad is keen to make it as comfortable as possible as they could be staying for a while.”

Jane revealed she was “proud” of her future daughter-in-law following Angelina’s mastectomy announcement in a New York Times article.
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Wednesday, 29. May 2013