Nathan Sykes talks vocal recovery

The Wanted's Nathan Sykes can speak again but says it's a while before he will be able to sing.

Nathan Sykes still can’t sing following an operation on his vocal cords.

The Wanted star underwent surgery in Los Angeles last month for a “haemorrhaging nodule”.

In an interview with Ryan Seacrest for E!, Nathan spoke in a raspy voice about his recovery.

The 20-year-old assured fans he is healing well and despite not being able to sing yet, he hopes it won’t be long before he can join bandmates Max George, Jay McGuiness, Tom Parker and Siva Kaneswaran on stage.

The youngest member of the group also went on to admit it’s not the first time he’s felt left out as The Wanted go and have fun without him.

Even before his surgery he was often left behind when the others partied in the US, as he is under the legal drinking age of 21.

As part of the interview, which was to promote the band’s documentary The Wanted Life, the boys gave Ryan a tour of their home.

Good-looking Max jokingly denied he is a “ladies’ man” before quipping he uses the band’s hot tub for a rather unusual purpose.

“I just go in there to get rid of my sins,” he laughed.

The rest of the band aren’t so keen on the lavish tub.

“Listen, it started off like we’d all go in there because, look how cool it is,” Jay explained.

“Then it became this weird, luxurious… Petri dish for bacteria.”

Following the interview, The Wanted invited some lucky female fans to visit their mansion.

It seems the lucky boys are never short of attention when it comes to the ladies.

“when I walked into @thewanted’s living room, there was women’s underwear hanging from the chandelier, no joke #thewantedlife (sic)” Ryan wrote on Twitter.

Nathan had been battling throat issues for a while but was told to undergo immediate surgery when the nodules were discovered during a doctor’s appointment.
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Tuesday, 28. May 2013