Primavera Sound 2013

So, finally we take off, Primavera Sound 2013 is happening!

Wild Nothing

So, finally we take off, Primavera Sound 2013 is happening! The first show we get to see is Wild Nothing on the biggest stage called Heineken Stage, located by the windy ocean front. And today it’s really really windy, the waves are huge and it does affect the sound a little. All songs get a new twist. And the stage feels slightly too big. But Jack Tatum and his band play really well. They mix material from last year’s Nocturne and Empty Estate from 2013 with older material. The hipster fans sings along, dances in their dressed jackets and boat shoes and seem to take little notice about the wind. It’s a good start to a great festival weekend.

Primavera Sound has a unique line up based on their very clever collaborations with taste making colleagues like ATP, Vice and Pitchfork. If you visit this festival you can be sure to put your eyes on something brand new AND seeing a number of old favorite bands. This year they have old bands like Blur, The Jesus and Mary Chain, My Bloody Valentine and Dinosaur Jr. on the schedule next to hot newcomers like Metz, Merchandise and Cayucas.


One of the bands that people buzz most about this year could be the post punk band from London called Savages. They released their album Silence yourself this year in May on Matador Records and plays for us a little later on the Pitchfork Stage. As the wind slows down and the sun gets back the music gets darker and rougher. French singer Jehnny Beth (New name after long discussions with guitarist Gemma, her old name was Camille Berthomier) dances like a resurrected Ian Curtis and her voice reminds us of the singer in Jefferson Airplane and early Patti Smith. It might sound strange but it fits well with the sound of energetic post punk from the early 80’s.
As this this four piece, all girls, have dark clothes and all the stage lights coming from behind you get quickly get the picture. It’’s really awesome and tonight is a great set up for this show based a lot on attitude, feedback and distortion. We love it! Make sure to catch one of their European tour dates this summer, some of their US shows are already sold out. This time you do the right thing if you believe the hype.

Tame Impala

We get to see our favourites in Tame Impala after eating some cheap festival quesadillas, the band consists of Kevin Parker, Dom Simper and Jay Watson. These hairy dudes have now toured a big number of shows and seem really confident on stage here in Barcelona. We line up with the big crowd and the neon psychedelic melodies blend well with the hypnotic projections and pink sky as the sun sets. It’s groovy and rhythmic, they go all in, with flanger and phase pedals. You can’t help yourself, you have to dance to these perfect pop songs.

Jessie Ware

We are a bit late, but due to standing in line for 40 minutes buying Cava, might be worth it. And – also – after fighting with some dudes
that considered J. Mascis as the god in India, we agreed this was soo worth it.

J is looking like she is on the red carpet and I am loving it. Despite she is playing one of the smallest stages of Primavera (hey, promoters, mistake there!) she is still acting as Kate Middleton which
is perfect for this crowd who is adoring her no matter what. Stating the obvious – she is THE Whitney Houston of 2013. But she switches back and forth, flirting with all Alicia Keys-fans as well as the
Florence and the Machine-obsessive-selfies.

Bringing in her drummer as soulmate/co-singer – the crowd goes nuts and does some crazy street moves, one girl kicks my cava down to the floor and I am still happy. And I will be glad to tell my
grandchildren that I saw Jessie Ware at a tiny stage a long, long, long, long time ago.


So, I heard this one song with Menomena and fell in a light version of love. Very excited to see them by the Mediterranean Ocean, but no, the song never got played. And nothing happened. At all.

I am suddenly feeling I am in a karaokebar in Mumbai. The sound is awkward. The singer wants to kind of be somewhere else, but someone (his bachelor crew) has forced him to be there. Someone is handing him a saxophone and he doesn’t know how to use it, but he remembers ‘the love of music’ and goes nuts.

The band is repeating the phrase ‘All this beauty’ but no one sings along. I do. I try to remember all the beauty I felt when I heard Menomena first. People start leaving in the middle of the show, but I
stay. We are a group of people who have one thing in common – we love this ONE Menomena song. To death. And we all wish they would play it, but it never happens, so we sit down with our broken hearts and stare at the ocean. Hello darkness!

The night comes to an end with John Talabot who finish and trim his beats like luscious diamonds for a huge dancing Before that we enjoyed a great performance with Fuck Buttons who stand on the verge of new and old, it’s quite an experience. For both ears and eyes. Their visuals are impressive, in tune with the tempo of the music and the crowd goes bananas to this delicate live show. The first day of Primavera Sound is over. And it sure was a blast.

Tuesday, 28. May 2013