Hilary Duff: My son feeds dogs

Hilary Duff’s 14-month-old son is obsessed with feeding the family’s dogs from his high chair.

Hilary Duff’s son thinks throwing food from his high chair for the dogs to eat is “the funniest thing in the world”.

The star and her husband Mike Comrie have 14-month-old Luca together. The older the tot gets the more his personality shines through.

Hilary is enjoying seeing her son develop, even if that often means a lot more work for her.

“He gives me these really sweet gummy smiles,” she gushed to In Touch magazine. “And he loves to feed our dogs. He’ll throw his food off his high chair and watch them go crazy over it. He thinks it’s the funniest thing in the world.”

Luca is interested in everything his parents do and likes to get involved in their pursuits. Hilary recently tried to get ready to go out while caring for her son, but later realised what an error in judgement she had made.

“He threw my eyelash curler away when I wasn’t looking,” she laughed. “I looked for it for four days. I thought I was losing my mind!”

Luca skipped the walking stage, instead going straight from crawling to running. It’s helped keep Hilary busy and toned her up as she is constantly rushing around after him.

As much as the 25-year-old loves her role as a mother, at the moment she isn’t thinking about expanding her brood.

“I’m not trying to have baby number two anytime soon,” she giggled. “I’m focused on Luca.

“I’m making some new music and reading scripts. But it’s tough to commit – now that I’m a mom, whatever I work on has to really be worth it.”
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Sunday, 26. May 2013