Miranda Kerr: Orlando is spiritual

Miranda Kerr has gushed about how perfect her husband Orlando Bloom is.

Miranda Kerr says her husband Orlando Bloom is an “honourable and spiritual” man.

The model has been married to the Hollywood hunk for three years and has discussed how they have matured and evolved together as a couple.

Orlando himself has previously credited the Australian beauty for helping him to find “himself”.

“We’ve grown together,” the 30-year-old model told British magazine Look. “He’s an honourable, spiritual man. I think that’s influenced me in a positive way.”

In 2011, the former Victoria’s Secret Angel gave birth to the couple’s first child, Flynn.

Miranda is known to be a big fan of yoga and Pilates and also likes to lark about with her toddler son to keep fit.

“I exercise every day – be it yoga, hiking, Pilates or resistance training,” she said. “I’ve been practising yoga for over ten years and my son often holds on to me like a koala. Flynn loves to dance, so I dance with him, too.”

The model also explained how she manages to stay in such fantastic shape.

Known for her love of organic food and cooking, the star tries to keep a balanced diet instead of depriving herself.

“I actually studied nutrition and I’m a certified health coach, so I’m very passionate about that. But life is not about depriving yourself,” she said. “I believe in the 80/20 rule – 80 per cent healthy and 20 per cent indulgent. So if I want a piece of chocolate, I’ll have one. I just won’t eat the whole block.”
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Sunday, 26. May 2013