Bradley Cooper denies cooking class gossip

Bradley Cooper thinks TV chef Gordon Ramsay is “fantastic”, but denies he is taking cooking lessons from him.

Bradley Cooper isn’t taking cooking lessons with a celebrity chef, but hints it could happen in the future.

The star was rumoured to be preparing for a new movie role by taking classes with Gordon Ramsay.

It was claimed Bradley needed to brush up on his culinary skills with a “crash-course” after being lined up to play a drug addict chef. He has now dismissed the rumours, but did admit he is a big fan of outspoken TV chef Gordon.

“Not true, no,” Bradley told UK TV show Daybreak when quizzed on the cooking lessons speculation. “I think he is fantastic. I don’t know what will happen in the future, but that is just a rumour.”

Bradley is set to star in new movie Chef as Parisian cook Adam Jones, whose addiction to drugs threatens to derail his career before he cleans up his act to open a Michelin-star winning restaurant.

He is currently promoting the third instalment of The Hangover franchise. Bradley loved making the movies, but insists this will be the final film in the comedy series.

“I think the fact we stretched it out to three is kind of amazing, and anyway, the story comes to an end, it comes full circle. So this is it, it’s over,” he said. “It was really fun to shoot in Las Vegas, to go back. It felt right.”

Bradley was joined by his co-star Ken Jeong for the interview. Ken plays the villainous Mr. Chow in the franchise, and Bradley is a huge fan of the outrageous character.

“I was talking to [director] Todd Phillips last night and he is my favourite villain. His whole ethos, everything, it is kind of incredible,” he explained. “He is the ultimate lone wolf.”

Ken was equally as gushing about Mr. Chow. He loved playing the role and was particularly impressed with his varied wardrobe.

“He is my favourite character I ever played. That character, you can literally say or do anything, it’s as wide as your imagination,” Ken laughed. “He can wear everything and nothing, he does have the most outlandish outfits. He had tailored lady clothes, even in Mexico, very meticulous. All the money went into his outfits.”
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Friday, 24. May 2013