Katie Holmes ‘keeping low profile’

Katie Holmes is apparently doing everything in her power to avoid the paparazzi.

Katie Holmes is reportedly acting as though she has “something to hide”.

The actress is used to gossip about her private life and her divorce from Hollywood star Tom Cruise was well documented in the media.

However, it now appears Katie is trying to keep a low-profile and rarely puts herself in situations where she could be snapped by paparazzi.

“The last month you rarely see her anymore,” a source revealed to the New York Daily News.

“Whatever she’s trying to hide I don’t know, but she’s not going in the main entrance [of her building] anymore.”

Katie used to allow pictures of her and daughter Suri to be taken, but recently there have been fewer snaps of the two.

One reason could be her rumoured relationship with hunky Mania Days co-star Luke Kirby.

According to the publication, Katie and Luke were spotted “almost holding hands” in New York’s East Village, but parted ways as soon as they spotted paparazzi.

“She bolted, jumped in the back of a cab and lied down in the back seat,” an insider explained. “Meanwhile Luke walked to a falafel place on MacDougal St. and was texting furiously and looking around. All of a sudden, Katie comes down the street. Normal people don’t act like this.”

The pretty brunette is apparently so keen to avoid press, she even cancelled a lunch date with her daughter.

Katie was supposed to take her seven-year-old for a bite to eat between filming her upcoming movie, but had to change her plans at the last minute.

“She was going to meet Suri for lunch hour, so she gets in a minivan and drives around in a circle for an hour because people were following her… The production assistants were plotting how to sneak her out," an insider said.

“They had her duck down behind a bush and then getting into the van covered in blankets and an umbrella while her own driver waited for her. It took so much time she missed her lunch with Suri.”
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Friday, 24. May 2013