Niall Horan love affair ‘secretive and exciting’

One Direction’s Niall Horan is reportedly engaging in a relationship with British reality star Louise Thompson and the pair are communicating constantly.

One Direction’s Niall Horan has reportedly engaged in a passionate secret romance with a British reality TV star.

The 19-year-old boy band member is said to be smitten with Louise Thompson, who appears in the UK’s programme Made in Chelsea.

Niall is rumoured to have sent a private car to Louise’s house several times to transport her to his luxury home in North London.

Even though Louise, 22, is thought to be in a relationship with her co-star Andy Jordan, she and Niall are apparently inseparable.

The pair have been communicating non-stop for quite some time.

“Louise has gushed about Niall for weeks,” a source told Britain’s The Sun.

“She says he has the Irish gift of the gab and is very open about him being her celebrity crush.

“It started with jokey comments on Twitter, but now they text each other all the time.

“They were on the phone last week when he suggested she go over and sent a car. It was secretive and exciting.”

Niall was linked to Irish model Zoe Whelan as recently as last month.

Apparently he is a fan of being in communication with his love interests over the Internet.

Last year it is rumoured he kept in frequent communication via Skype with American star Demi Lovato while they were in different countries.
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Friday, 24. May 2013