Azealia Banks: I’m full of it

Azealia Banks had a laugh on Twitter after sharing with fans she felt remorse for being “too aggressive” toward others, only to assert later she is “full of s**t” and “doesn’t five a f**k”.

Azealia Banks is warning critics and fans alike not to believe a word she says.

The 21-year-old rapper is known for her boisterous persona and uncensored tweets.

The Yung Rapunxel hitmaker appeared momentarily remorseful for blasting her opinions.

“Ugh, I’m like the nosiest person ever. I like CANNOT mind my business. . . . I love people too much… And I love talking. And hearing what people think.” she tweeted.

“Trust that my intentions are always good. I’m just really aggressive. :(”

Azealia insisted she recognised her need to be “more assertive and less aggressive” but confided she’s opinionated only because she “cares”.

Her messages took on a different tone minutes later. Laughing off the sensitive remarks she urged readers not to take her too seriously.

“Sike, I don really give a f**k. I’m so full of s**t,” she tweeted. “I’m so full of s**t my eyes are brown.”

Azealia had used the micro-blog as a platform to blast Kanye West earlier on Sunday.

The female rapper was outraged by the release of his single New Slaves, which has stoked controversy for its racist tone.


“NEW SLAVES. Same ideology…. Better compensation . #kanyeknows.”

Azealia is known for dissing fellow artists. She released a track in January slamming rap rival Angel Haze.

The star is now focussed on making new music. She recently announced she has teamed up with Pharrell Williams for her next single ATM JAM, which is out later this year.
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Monday, 20. May 2013