P. Diddy has high hopes for music channel

P. Diddy involved fans in a conversation about music on Twitter today.

P. Diddy wants to “elevate” art with his new music channel.

The rapper – real name Sean Combs – is launching the Revolt TV channel next month, which will be available on some of Comcast’s cable systems.

The star hopes the initiative will reintroduce people to “real” music.

“I want to elevate the art form and elevate the culture!! It’s the re-education of Music!” he posted on Twitter.

“The #STATEOFMUSIC – you think you know but you have NO idea!! (sic)”

Revolt TV will bring viewers live performances, music videos and interviews with artists.

To kick things off, the 43-year-old initiated a “State of Music” conversation on the Revolt TV Twitter page today.

P. Diddy feels many singers aren’t genuine and aims to change this with his project.

“Today will spark a SHIFT in the way people think about artists and music!! The truth will set you FREE!” he wrote.

ATTN: No more games! Time for artists to stop playing with the art form! (sic)”

Fans were quick to jump on board the conversation, applauding P. Diddy and his “clever and long overdue campaign”.

One follower suggested the industry needs more respect for women.

“True! How does that change? (sic)” the singer responded.
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Monday, 20. May 2013