Taylor Swift amazed at Twitter success

Taylor Swift is surprised she has followers on Twitter as she only tweets about "cats, Law & Order and food".

Taylor Swift feels lucky to have followers on Twitter.

The superstar singer scooped an impressive eight prizes at the Billboard Music Awards in Las Vegas last night.

Taylor spoke about her win after the event, where she confessed she’s not sure why her fans connect with her in such a strong way.

“I don’t know; I feel so lucky I have such a personal relationship with my fans. I feel so lucky they want to follow me on Twitter even though I just tweet about cats, Law & Order and food!” Taylor joked at the press conference.

“It’s an amazing friendship and bond we’ve had over the years and I can’t really define it. I just feel so lucky to have it.”

Taylor bagged top prizes including Billboard Artist of the Year, Billboard 200 Album of the Year, Female Artist of the Year, Top Digital Artist and Top Billboard 200 Artist.

The 23-year-old gushed that the Billboard accolades are hugely important to her as they are voted for by fans and based on data tracked by officials.

“There is a significant meaning to each one of these eight awards and that is, it is proof of who is actually buying the albums and which songs people are passionate about,” Taylor explained. “It’s an actual measurement of what people are listening to out there in the world, [which] makes it that much greater of an honour to receive one. It’s incredible.”

The confident star gave a tongue-in-cheek response when asked about fellow chart topper Justin Bieber’s success at the awards. Taylor refused to comment on the 19-year-old’s prizes, but was keen to discuss her performance of 22 during the ceremony, which was a Dubstep inspired high-energy dance spectacular.

“It was a concept we felt would be so fun, and with it being in Las Vegas we got so many performers to make cameos. Like we had Cirque du Soleil performers here and there…”she gushed.

“I felt so lucky that the Billboard Awards allowed me to do that kind of performance on that scale.”
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Monday, 20. May 2013