Anna Faris: Pratt is great dad

Anna Faris says her husband Chris Pratt is an "amazing" father.

Anna Faris says Chris Pratt is a “sexy” dad.

The actress has an eight-month-old son, Jack, with her Hollywood hunk husband. Anna loves being a mom and is thankful that Chris has also embraced his parenting duties.

“Chris is an amazing dad. He really is,” she told Us Weekly. “He feeds the baby almost every morning so I can sleep in… It’s very sexy to watch him be a dad!”

Anna also spoke about balancing her responsibilities as a mother and actress. She is shortly due to begin shooting the first season of TV show Mom. The 36-year-old star admits the prospect of being separated from Jack while she is working is tough.

“It makes me crazy when I’m not holding him,” she explained. "He’s at a really adorable phase. He’s not crawling, but he sort of wiggles. He coos and he giggles and he makes funny, funny noises.

“People keep saying, ‘Enjoy your baby.’ At first I didn’t really know what that meant. ‘Enjoy your baby?’ I don’t know! Am I enjoying this? I’m bored and it’s hard work! But it is true.”

Anna is already thinking about how quickly Jack is growing up.

“It’s like, ‘This is going to pass. This time is going to pass and I’ll miss this.’ I’m excited for Jack to get older so I can talk with him and have him become a full person, but I know I’m going to miss eating his feet and kissing his cute little cheeks,” she smiled.
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Monday, 20. May 2013