Bon Jovi opens up about daughter’s overdose

Jon Bon Jovi has opened up about his teenage daughter’s heroin overdose last year, revealing discovering about the ordeal was his “worse moment” as a father.

Jon Bon Jovi says getting the call his daughter had overdosed was his “worst moment” as a father.

The 51-year-old rocker’s eldest child, 19-year-old Stephanie Rose, was discovered catatonic in her Hamilton College dorm room back in November.

She suffered from a heroin overdose and small amounts of this drug as well as marijuana was found in her room at the Kirkland, New York school.

Jon recalled the heart-stopping phone conversation he had with his daughter in an interview with UK newspaper The Mirror.

“It was horrible, a horrible moment. It was my worst moment as a father,” he remembered.

“The first thing she said, I’m all right but then she said this is what happened.”

The star didn’t think twice about dropping his work on the road to return to Stephanie’s side.

“You wake up, you shake it off and put your shoes on and say OK, I am on the way home,” he said.

Stephanie has since recovered.

The teenager and a 21-year-old male companion faced three counts of drug possession for heroin and marijuana but all charges were dropped.

Jon shares four children, Stephanie and three sons, with his wife Dorothea Hurley.

The Bon Jovi frontman is speaking out as a warning to parents. He insists he knew nothing of Stephanie’s drug use but now realises many more families have suffered through similar tragedies.

“We went through something that a lot of parents do, many more than I thought. Many more people who have been in my life that I had no idea they had been through it with their own children at one point or another,” he said.
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Monday, 20. May 2013