Jackson helped nephew cope with molestation

Michael Jackson was there for nephew Taj when he learned he had been sexually abused by a family member.

Michael Jackson helped his nephew Taj Jackson cope with being molested as a child.

The late King of Pop’s brother Tito has a son who recently revealed he was abused by a family member on his mother’s side of the family.

Taj revealed all via Twitter on Thursday in response to sex offence allegations from choreographer Wade Robson.

“That is how I KNOW Wade is lying. Because I AM a survivor,” he tweeted. “I was sexually abuse (sic). By [a family member] on my mom’s side of the family when I was a kid.”

Apparently Michael consoled him about the matter.

The performer even comforted his mother when she learned of the traumatic experience.

“My uncle was a support system for me and my mom” he continued.

Taj then reminded followers that he was living at Michael’s Neverland Ranch home when Wade testified for Michael during another court case.

Taj added he even ate dinner with the dancer and his family before accusing Wade of being after money and fame.

“What people will $ay and do for money and to $tay relevant is $ickening,” he posted. “De$perate times call for De$perate mea$ures.”

Taj additionally shared a picture of a note he says Michael wrote to his mother.

The letter refers the relatives to a professional story intended to help his family.

“Dee Dee please read this article about child molestation and please read it to Taj (and his siblings),” it reads. “It brings out how even your own relatives can be molesters of children, even uncles or aunts molesting nephews or nieces. Please Read. Love MJ.”
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Thursday, 16. May 2013