Chris Brown: I'm giving fans a new experience

Chris Brown says his new TV channel offers fans an "all new experience" and will help him connect to them.

Chris Brown has launched an “all new experience” to help him connect to his fans.

The singer debuted the Chris Brown Channel App, which is available exclusively from the App Store, yesterday.

Chris’ first broadcast was a video clip of him welcoming everyone to the site.

“Now all you guys can see me at all times of the day, keep up with what I’m doing… really,” Chris said in the 13-second clip. “I appreciate you guys, man. I love you.”

The channel gives fans access to the chart topper all day and every day. He promises that nothing about his life will be left off the site.

“Welcome to my channel. We can hang together here, anytime, anywhere, wherever we are in the world. Dope right?” Chris writes in a post on the site.

“I’ll share my thoughts, pictures, videos and live chats directly from my personal phone – Yes it’s MY phone – and I wanna hear from you. It’s all about connecting – YOU and ME – 24/7.”

The 24-year-old hints that fans can interact with him through the channel and may get the chance to pick what songs he performs at concerts. In a post Chris uploaded today, a three-minute black and white video shows him driving through Los Angeles on the way to a rehearsal.

“I’m on way to the billboard awards rehearsals, we’ve got a lot to do man so I’m just riding and listening to some rap,” Chris tells the camera.

Chris is known for his keen use of social networking sites to keep fans updated on his life.

He promises the channel is more than Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. In another clip, he is seen dressing up as Michael Jackson.

“If you ain’t bad you ain’t nothing,” he jokes on film. “This ain’t nothing but a curl. This wig ain’t coming off. This was my job impersonating Michael Jackson on Hollywood Boulevard.”

The Grammy-winning musician has recently come under fire from his neighbours, who complained about strange artwork on the fence of his Hollywood Hills home.

Neighbours said the grimacing, sharp-toothed, red-eyed goblins that had been painted along a retaining wall were scaring children.

“There are lots of babies, lots of children, and they’re literally frightened,” neighbour Patti Negri told Sky News.

“It’s like devils on the wall – big scary eyes and big scary teeth – and just the whole vibe is not what we’re used to.”

Chris has since refused to cover-up the graffiti artwork which officials gave him 30 days to remove.

TMZ reports that he plans to keep the unpermitted mural he sprayed on the front of his home despite the order.
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Thursday, 16. May 2013