Avril Lavigne: I never chase guys

Avril Lavigne let Chad Kroeger do all the chasing as she was taught never to call guys.

Avril Lavigne says Chad Kroeger made the first move as “calling guys” is not allowed in her household.

The Canadian songstress and the Nickelback frontman got engaged in August last year. Initially the pair were work colleagues, as Chad and Avril began collaborating on the songstress’ upcoming fifth album.

When asked who made the first move, Avril insisted it was all Chad’s doing.

“I don’t run after guys, so he did it!” she laughed. “My mother always taught me that. There’s a rule in our house that there’s no calling guys. I was never allowed. They had to call me. And men like a chase.”

Chad proposed to Avril with an impressive 14-carat ring. The 28-year-old star says the moment was perfect, as they had formed a strong friendship beforehand.

“I knew that I kinda wanted something different, I knew I wanted something big,” she teased in an interview with Access Hollywood. "I had an idea but he went and he got it.

“He proposed in the studio. And that’s where we met and the studio we made my record at. We wrote a tonne of songs together and he produced, and it happened there in the live room.

“We were friends. We were working together and we were having a great time. We worked with David Hodges, so there was three of us, we called ourselves the tripod and we were just hanging out, bro-ing out and having a good time,” she explained. “He’s Canadian and I thought it would be cool to work with him because he’s a musician and not just a songwriter and it was cool to get together. We started out as friends, goofing around, having a good time and then it turned into something else.”

Chad is ten years older than Avril. The stunning singer says the age gap benefits their relationship.

“Believe it or not, I actually said before we started dating that I wanted to date someone ten years older than me. And he’s exactly ten years older than me. And it’s nice. He’s got it together, he’s mature, he’s done his thing, he’s lived life, he’s been around the world on tour, I’ve been around the world on tour and we really just bonded over music and songwriting. We have a lot in common,” she gushed.

“Everybody loves him. He’s charismatic, outgoing and not shy at all!”

Chad has never been married before, but this will be the second time Avril has walked down the aisle. Avril and her husband of three years Sum 41 musician Deryck Whibley divorced in 2009.
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Thursday, 16. May 2013