Pete Wentz: I’d be cool Smurf

Fall Out Boy’s Pete Wentz admits he may have “stretched too far a couple times” professionally, but he does believe he would make for an awesome Smurf.

Pete Wentz believes he would make a great Smurf if given the opportunity.

The Fall Out Boy musician’s new album with the band entitled Save Rock and Roll debuted at number one on the Billboard charts in 26 countries.

Pete is a successful entrepreneur, boasting his own record label, several books under his belt and a multitude of other endeavours.

The star confessed to The Hollywood Reporter that he may have “stretched too far a couple times” in the professional realm.

The multitalented creative sees himself in movies one day.

Pete’s four-year-old son Bronx, whom he shares with ex Ashlee Simpson, seems supportive of his father’s dream.

“[Bronx] thinks it’s cool that I’m in a band, but it’d be a lot cooler if I was in The Smurfs,” he laughed.

Pete would love to venture into motion pictures, but he is unattached to any specific outcome.

“It’s a really tight knit circle that gets to do it in Hollywood,” he shared. “I don’t even need to do it on some monstrous level, I just think it would be fun to do and I feel like it would be a little bit outside of what I do.”

Pete is engaged in so many activities because he has a vast array of interests.

He confesses he is always on the go.

“I have an ADD brain,” he smiled.
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Wednesday, 15. May 2013