Zooey Deschanel constantly writing

Zooey Deschanel can't help taking time to pen new tunes.

Zooey Deschanel is “always” writing songs.

The star is one half of indie duo She & Him, along with M. Ward. Even though Zooey is kept busy working on her sitcom New Girl, she still finds time to pen new tracks.

“I’m always writing songs. When I wrapped the first season of New Girl, we had a month between seasons and decided to make the record. The way we work is we’ll go into the studio for a week or so, then take time to listen to what we did,” she explained to British magazine Look. “We think about what it needs and add stuff slowly.”

Zooey provides the vocals for the group, along with piano and ukulele, while her bandmate is responsible for guitar and production. She & Him are currently promoting their new album Volume Three, and cover Blondie’s Sunday Girl for the record. Zooey has explained why they decided to release their own version of the classic ’80s track.

“That was one of my favourite songs in high school. It was a little before my time, but my friend had The Best of Blondie on CD,” she revealed. “Matt and I approached it as, ‘What if Buddy Holly did Blondie?’”

Zooey is happy to continue pursuing a path in both acting and music. She is pleased with how her band’s sound has evolved over time.

“Matt’s become an incredible arranger of strings – the ones of Never Wanted Your Love are amazing [and] basically a string version of drums. Such a cool idea,” she gushed.
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Sunday, 12. May 2013