Cumberbatch: US films are fun

Benedict Cumberbatch has assured people America is a lot more fun than most think.

Benedict Cumberbatch has promised people there is no person “going round with a clipboard” judging jokes on US film sets.

The star portrays evil Khan in new sci-fi movie Star Trek Into Darkness. He was quizzed on whether the vibe is different when making films in the UK or America and insists people have the wrong idea about Hollywood.

“Not really. There’s a bit of a cultural shift sometimes, but there’s as much ribaldry, fun and light heartedness as there is on any set in the world,” he assured Heat magazine. “It’s not like there’s someone going round with a clipboard going, ‘That joke was a bit off!’ And the language is blue all over the place.”

Now Benedict’s star is rising, fans are keen to learn as much about him as possible. He has so far resisted opening up about his life on Twitter and has no plans to take to the social media network in the future. Although he understands why some people love it, Benedict worries he would become too obsessed.

“I just think it would take up too much of my time. I’d be too worried about getting it right and I certainly wouldn’t want to farm it out for someone else to write,” he explained. “It’s a great tool for making people aware of causes, or giving people access to things that might be a treat. But, mostly, I do think that I would suffer, as I have in this answer, from verbal diarrhoea. The four-line phrase is not one of my tools of choice.”
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Sunday, 12. May 2013