Paris Jackson 'moves out'

Paris Jackson has allegedly packed her bags and moved out of her grandmother Katherine Jackson's home.

Paris Jackson has reportedly moved in with her biological mom following a string of family arguments.

The daughter of the late Michael Jackson has been spending increasing amounts of time with her birth mother Debbie Rowe in recent weeks. It was even claimed Paris has developed such a close bond with Debbie that she celebrated her 15th birthday with her last month.

Now rumours are surfacing that Paris has packed her bags and moved out of her grandmother Katherine Jackson’s home after a series of heated exchanged between family members.

“There has been a string of turbulent rows in the Jackson home over the past few weeks and it’s all coming to a head,” a source told CelebrityFix. “Whilst she loves her grandmother Katherine, Paris thinks she has some extremely old-fashioned beliefs. Paris is an extremely independent young woman and as she’s got older, she’s starting to voice her opinion more and stand up for herself and her beliefs.”

Earlier this week, Paris’ godfather claimed Paris will “never go back” to her family when she turns 16.

Mark Lester, who is godfather to Michael’s three children, alleged Paris was preparing to make a clean break from her overbearing clan.

“I’m sure when Paris hits 16 she will take herself out of that Jackson clan, walk out of that door and never turn back,” he told British magazine Grazia.

Since Michael’s death in 2009, Paris and her brothers Prince, 16, and Blanket, 11, have been living with their legal guardian, grandmother Katherine Jackson.

According to reports, there has been tension between Michael’s kids and his siblings. It has been claimed the rift is a result of his disputed $500 million fortune – which was left to his mom Katherine and his children.

It has now been alleged that Paris is determined to encourage her siblings to follow her by moving in with Debbie.

“Paris is trying to persuade Prince and Blanket to join her. Debbie has told her they would all be welcome, but there are certain laws which have to be obeyed and Paris knows that whilst she may be able to leave, it would be far more difficult for the boys due to the legalities,” a source added to CelebrityFix. “Debbie has called for talks between her, Paris and Katherine. She thinks they all need to sit down and discuss the situation to avoid any more rows and try to make any transition as easy for Paris as possible.”

In recent months Paris and Debbie have been spotted spending time at a pony ranch and eating sushi. It seems Paris is enjoying the chance to escape the spotlight and bond with Debbie.

“For years she was forced to wear masks, protected by a harem of security and surrounded by entourage,” the insider explained.

“She hates that life and knows that was something Michael wanted to protect all of them from. She feels that by separating herself from her grandmother, she could have a more normal life.”
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Friday, 10. May 2013