Banks ‘so sick’ of being signed

Azealia Banks is “so sick” of being signed after her record label delayed the release of two tracks.

Azealia Banks is “so sick” of being a signed artist.

The singer is currently an act on Interscope/Polydor Records but at times wishes she wasn’t.

Her complaint came after her tracks Miss Amor and Miss Camaraderie were delayed from release.

In a Tumblr post titled ‘so sick’ she wrote: “Of having my plans changed. …… Miss amor and miss camaraderie should’ve been out. ……. (sic)”

Now that she is governed by her label, Azealia feels like having a life back where she controlled sharing her music.

She explained that deep down the bureaucracy frustrates her at a time like this.

“Secretly missing the days of being unsigned, when all the power was mine,” she admitted.

The 21-year-old rapper doesn’t even feel like a music artist anymore. She is worried that she is more a figure for her company to mould.

Azealia compared herself to a thespian who isn’t very good at their job.

“Nowadays I just feel like a bad actress,” she commented in the article she later shared on Twitter.

Azealia is known for her outspoken ways and released a diss track slamming rap rival Angel Haze in January.

She was engulfed in a war-of-words with Angel after the release of her track New York.

Azealia, who hails from Harlem, balked at the young rapper laying claim to her city after only just moving there.

Angel responded with the release of her diss track On The Edge.

“B***h put an album out / I think my album’s more done than yours and I just started a week ago,” she raps.

Banks recently announced she has teamed up with Pharrell Williams for her next single ATM JAM, which is out later this year.
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Friday, 10. May 2013