Jordin Sparks: Everything is better

Jordin Sparks celebrates her newfound joie de vivre, as she feels healthier, happier and more whole than ever before.

Jordin Sparks is elated at how her life has improved in the past few years.

The 23-year-old American singer lost 50lbs and is in a happy committed relationship with Jason Derülo.

She is also extremely successful professionally and has nothing but opportunities before her.

Jordin fell ill with appendicitis in 2009 and underwent surgery to treat the malady.

The terrifying sickness allowed her to put things into perspective.

“In December of this year it will be three years since I got really sick,” she told the New York Daily News. "It was then that I made the decision ’I’m supposed to be in the prime of my life. This changes right now.’ And I really started making my health a priority.

“For me to be on stage singing and dancing, the stamina that I have now is better. I don’t get sick as much anymore. I feel better, I have more energy, I sleep better, everything is better.”

Jordin’s beau Jason suffered a crippling neck injury in 2012 that could have left him paralysed.

He hurt himself while performing a stunt for his Future History World Tour.

The songstress was deeply inspired by how committed he was to the healing process.

“It’s incredible because he was pretty fit before he broke his neck but literally as soon as the doctor said he could be in the gym, which was maybe like a month after, he was there,” she gushed. "He couldn’t run but he could lift really light weights, and he was there on a stationary bike with 5lb weights. So I was like, ‘Well if you’re going to do this with a broken neck, I gotta get my butt in there too.’ So we were doing it together.

“He’s completely taken himself to the next level of where he can be in terms of everything. His music is new, his physique is great. He looks very good. And mentally as well he’s been able to reevaluate things, and our relationship has gotten so much stronger.”
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Thursday, 09. May 2013