Helen Mirren: I'd rant again

Dame Helen Mirren has spoken out about her public rant at a group of drummers, who drowned out her theater performance.

Dame Helen Mirren would repeat her expletive-filled rant “every night” if it disturbed her performance.

The Oscar-winning actress berated a group of drummers outside a London theatre for being too noisy while she was on stage playing Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II in the show The Audience. Helen raced outside to confront the loud musicians dressed as the monarch, and the star has no regrets about her behaviour.

“They were so loud. I walked off stage in full costume and make-up, straight out the stage door and just said, ‘You’re f**king up our performance. Please stop, please stop,’” Helen told British newspaper The Sun. “I’ve never done anything like that before, but I’d do it every night if there were people drumming outside the theatre.

“Just the thought of doing the whole performance with the audience not being able to hear anything was too much. It was in the interval, so I had five or ten minutes afterwards to calm myself before I was back on. They were very sweet and stopped immediately. They just hadn’t realised.”

The musicians were promoting a gay music festival and had stopped outside the Gielgud Theatre for a few minutes when Helen was caught on camera ranting at them over the weekend.

The 67-year-old star insists there are no hard feelings after the encounter and she has posed in a T-shirt to support the festival. The front of the shirt promotes the As One in the Park event, while the back has a picture of a drum with the words, ‘Yes please! Just not outside a theatre!’ Helen plans to invite the event organisers to watch her show.

“I went and did my number, and then I looked around and all these people were recording it on their phones. I thought, ‘Oh my God, what have I done?’” Helen explained. “I’d love them to see the play and understand why I was so upset. I felt terrible – they are fellow performers.”
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Tuesday, 07. May 2013