Demi Lovato: Tattoo stops swearing

Demi Lovato says her tattoo reminds her not to stick up her middle finger at other drivers.

Demi Lovato says one of her tattoos reminds her “not to flip people off”.

The American singer-and-actress, 20, has the words ‘peace’ and ‘rock ’n’ roll’ tattooed on her middle fingers. She has now revealed what the inked phrases mean to her.

“Well, one’s like ‘f**k yeh, rock and roll!’ And the other’s a reminder not to flip people off when I’m driving,” she told the British edition of Company.

Demi used to make rude gestures to other drivers when they beeped at her on the road. But her ‘peace’ tattoo has inspired her to change her behaviour.

“Now, when I’m driving, and someone honks at me, I smile at them and it makes them so angry. It’s funny to me because they get so much angrier and I’m like, ‘You just made my morning by being an asshole,’” she laughed.

Demi has also spoken about developing a relationship with her older half-sister. As Demi doesn’t have a relationship with her birth father, she only recently discovered that her third sister existed. The pair spoke for the first time last year.

“It was really funny because we never talked throughout my whole life and, when we shared or life stories, I found out we had similar lives – we’d been through the same things,” she said.

When meeting her sister, Demi found out she had a 14-year-old niece. She’d like to play a role in her newfound family member’s life.

“Hopefully I can be there for her if she has to deal with any issues that I’ve dealt with,” Demi said.
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Monday, 06. May 2013