Tobey Maguire: Leo's my buddy

Tobey Maguire has joked that he is still friends with Leonardo DiCaprio, even after they spent every day together while filming The Great Gatsby.

Tobey Maguire says it was great seeing his “buddy” Leonardo DiCaprio every day on the set of their new movie.

Tobey and Leonardo have been friends for years and are regularly spotted partying in New York City together. The stars were thrilled to be cast in leading roles for upcoming film The Great Gatsby, and Tobey insists the experience strengthened their bond.

“It’s great seeing your buddy every day,” Tobey told Empire. “And yes, we’re still friends at the end of it.”

Tobey plays Nick Carraway in the movie, while Leonardo is Jay Gatsby.

Carey Mulligan plays Jay’s love interest Daisy Buchanan and was acutely aware of Tobey and Leonardo’s bond on Baz Luhrmann’s film set. In fact, she has recalled that they rarely spent any time apart.

“Baz had these amazing 3D glasses made that were on a stick. It was so funny seeing him and Leo and Tobey holding them to their faces to watch playback,” she smiled.

Carey was also full of praise for director Baz.

He is renowned for creating dazzling spectacles such as Moulin Rouge! and Carey says The Great Gatsby – adapted from the classic ‘20s novel by F. Scott Fitzgerald – will also be a feast for the eyes.

“It looks extravagant but it’s an honest adaptation,” she said. “He’s captured the frenzy of the ‘20s, and if anyone knows how to tell a love story, it’s Baz.”
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Monday, 06. May 2013