Bieber attacked on stage

Justin Bieber was attacked by a man on stage during a gig in Dubai causing his piano damage but the star no harm.

Justin Bieber was reportedly attacked while singing on stage in Dubai.

The pop star was taking part in a gig in the United Arab Emirates when out of nowhere a male fan invaded his performing space.

Justin was belting out his final track Believe from behind a grand piano when the man rushed over to grab the musician.

However a security team quickly fended off the male, who was wearing a T-shirt and jeans, leaving minimal disruption.

In fact, Justin even managed to continue the tune despite the surprise interruption.

He scuttled off to the side of the stage where he could carry out the rest of the song.

Members of the team accidentally knocked over the huge instrument in the process of removing the offender from the platform and had to call for help to return the set to its original look.

However the piano could not be used for the rest of the show after being taken off its hinge and was removed shortly afterwards.

Justin remained unhurt during the spectacle and continued with the track regardless of any shock.

He returned to greet his audience for an encore after a break of three minutes and belted out popular singles Boyfriend and Baby.
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Monday, 06. May 2013