Shepard left house twice since fatherhood

Dax Shepard was excited about leaving he house for the second time since becoming a father to Kristen Bell’s daughter.

Dax Shepard has only left the house twice since becoming a father.

The actor and his fiancée actress Kristen Bell welcomed their daughter Lincoln over one month ago.

People magazine reports the 38-year-old star finally ventured out to host the CASA of Los Angeles’ Evening of Dreams Gala.

“I have a five-week-old daughter at home, and this is the second time I’ve left the house in five weeks so thank you so much for having this event tonight,” he admitted. “I’m available tomorrow night if you want to go round two.”

Speaking at the Four Seasons Beverly Wilshire Hotel the Parenthood thespian apparently excitedly posed with fans on his rare outing.

Dax was present to honour business leaders and community activists who advocate for foster children.

“Thank you guys so much for having me. I’m so glad Zach Braff passed on this!” he joked about his invitation.

Now he has a little one to look after, the comedic star spends any other time out of the house buying groceries.

He laughed that performing the errand seems like a party in comparison to changing diapers.

“The other time I left the house was to go to Costco,” he continued. "Have you guys seen Costco? This place has ample parking, a super liberal return policy, and there’s no babies!

“I went and left the house and it felt like a bachelor party in Vegas! I strolled those aisles. I went and lifted everything up off the shelves. I strolled the aisles for four or five hours!"
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Friday, 03. May 2013