Beckhams ‘hunting for London mansion’

David and Victoria Beckham have been house hunting for an impressive property in London, with at least ten bedrooms.

David and Victoria Beckham are searching for a home in London with “ten bedrooms minimum”.

The stars and their four children returned to the UK in January after David left his Los Angeles soccer club. He went on to sign a short-term deal with Paris Saint-Germain and has been splitting his time between France and London, where Victoria and the kids are based.

The family are currently renting a £20 million property in South London, but it has been claimed they are looking for something more permanent. According to reports, David and Victoria have seen two properties this week in the exclusive Kensington and Chelsea borough of London.

“They want ten bedrooms minimum. They’ve been happy renting so far, with Victoria spending most of the week in London with the kids while David stays in a luxury pad in Paris. But they’re feeling really settled back in Europe, and Victoria has expanded her business operation in London, so it makes sense to sort out a permanent move,” a source told British newspaper The Mirror. “They see their life as UK-based now and while both David and Victoria still have ties in LA, once the US housing market is back on track, there’s a good chance they’ll sell up.”

Victoria recently revealed she wants to open her first store in London as her fashion empire continues to flourish.

She also described the city as an “inspiring place” and said she was very happy living there with her family.

It has been claimed Victoria and David are yet to splash out on a property because they are torn over which area to settle in.

“David would prefer to be in the Notting Hill area, so he can be close to people like his best mate Dave Gardener,” the source added. “But Victoria would prefer their family home to be slightly removed.”

David celebrated his 38th birthday on Thursday. Victoria and their youngest child Harper were seen taking the Eurostar train to Paris to celebrate with the soccer star.
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Friday, 03. May 2013