Lohan planning to ‘manipulate’ rehab staff

Lindsay Lohan reportedly intends to bring her mobile phone, laptop and to smoke cigarettes while in rehab despite the fact that the treatment facility’s policy prohibits all of these things.

Lindsay Lohan reportedly won’t “voluntarily give up” her habits or comforts for rehab despite policy.

The 26-year-old actress has been sentenced to 90 days treatment in connection to a car crash last year.

She must enter the facility, which is rumoured to be the Seafield Center in New York, on Thursday.

Seafield Center doesn’t allow smoking and according to TMZ Lindsay is not happy about forfeiting cigarettes for 90 days.

It is said the star is scrambling last minute for another place to serve her time that does allow smoking.

No matter where she ends up, Lindsay will not follow rules willingly.

“Whatever treatment facility Lindsay opts for, they won’t let her keep cell phone or other devices,” a source told Radar Online.

“But Lindsay is bragging to all her friends that she will be able to manipulate the admissions staff and tell them she needs to have it because of ‘work’. Don’t expect her to voluntarily give up her laptop and cell phone when she enters treatment.”

Incorrigible behaviour will not be tolerated.

Apparently Lindsay will get into a lot of trouble if she doesn’t act properly.

“[The] prosecutor won’t be putting up with any of her antics,” the insider said.

“Lindsay will be expected to follow the rules, and give up her laptop and cell phones. If she doesn’t, she will go to jail, no questions asked.”

It seems Lindsay has been busy preparing for her stay after she posted a picture of all the clothes she will be taking with her on Instagram.

In the photo, she is seen smiling as she sits cross-legged on the floor surrounded by clothes, shoes and shopping bags.

“90 days and 270 looks,” Lindsay wrote in the accompanying caption.
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Wednesday, 01. May 2013