Carey Mulligan: Gatsby audition was joyous

Carey Mulligan has recalled the thrill of auditioning for The Great Gatsby with Leonardo DiCaprio.

Carey Mulligan couldn’t stop “grinning” after auditioning alongside Leonardo DiCaprio.

The British actress plays Daisy Buchanan in the hotly-anticipated big screen version of The Great Gatsby, with Leonardo portraying the title role. Carey couldn’t believe her luck when she was invited to try out for the iconic role and was thrilled to come face to face with a Hollywood heartthrob.

“When I did the audition with Leo in New York, I walked away grinning. Just the idea that if I never got any further, I had just spent an hour and a half acting with Leonardo DiCaprio,” she told the latest UK edition of UK Harper’s Bazaar. “Well, [Leonardo] wasn’t my pin-up, but he was for a lot of my girlfriends.”

Carey admits the audition was “really scary” and Leonardo played the roles of Jay Gatsby as well as Daisy’s husband Tom Buchanan. He instantly helped her feel at ease by whispering things under his breath like “Daisy, I love you” and “Daisy, calm down”.

The Baz Luhrmann movie promises to be an energetic and dazzling spectacle.

The cast are decked out in an array of lavish clothes and jewels, while the soundtrack gives the classic ‘20s novel by F Scott Fitzgerald an update with songs from artists including Beyoncé Knowles and Lana Del Rey.

Carey says the cast and crew listened to upbeat tunes by acts such as LMFAO to maintain their energy levels.

“That’s what we used to dance to,” she explained. “It’s also the song that made me laugh hysterically and there were lots of times when I needed to go into a scene with that kind of energy.”

During the interview with Harper’s Bazaar, 27-year-old Carey also touches upon meeting one of her heroes Daniel Day-Lewis.

She says the Oscar-winning star left a huge impact and she cherishes a letter he wrote her.

“He wrote me this beautiful handwritten note a couple of weeks afterwards just saying how nice it was to meet me and that he’d like An Education,” she beamed. “His penmanship was beautiful. The note was the most beautiful thing. If my house was burning down I would save that. It is so precious.”

The Great Gatsby is released worldwide this month.
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Wednesday, 01. May 2013