Kelly Osbourne delivers ‘paranoid’ outburst

Kelly Osbourne offended an Australian journalist when she went on a foul-mouthed rant about her personal life.

Kelly Osbourne reportedly had a “paranoid” outburst during an interview.

The television presenter allegedly lashed out at a journalist in Australia this week when questioned about various subjects.

Kelly apparently got defensive when she thought the reporter was looking to purposely misinterpret information about her relationship and family for entertainment.

“The conversation didn’t start well: She called me ‘presumptuous’ for calling her rumoured fiancé her fiancé,” reporter Joel Christie noted of The Daily Telegraph interview.

His column on the awkward meeting was titled Outrage of the average – Kelly Osbourne’s paranoid outburst.

The 28-year-old had rules set in place regarding the interview and specifically advised that her relatives were not referred to.

“No questions were to be asked about her family, specifically father Ozzy,” Joel admitted.

Ozzy and his wife Sharon are believed to be going through marital problems after he admitted a relapse in alcohol and drug sobriety.

When he asked if things have gotten better since she wrote a column in Australia’s Cleo magazine titled Life Is Just S**t Sometimes, Kelly apparently verbally hit back.

“You are trying to f**king turn this around and get s**t on my family, aren’t you?” Kelly reportedly told him.

It has been claimed that Kelly also unleashed an invective on an Australian morning radio show about her father.

Kelly is believed to have ranted at security, calling one man a “first class t**t” at Star casino because they asked questions about her United Kingdom driver’s licence.

“Our security team member asked her for additional ID as she was only carrying an international driver’s licence, which is standard procedure,” a spokeswoman for the venue said.

“The matter has now been resolved with Ms. Osbourne and we are looking forward to [further] hosting.”
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Tuesday, 30. April 2013