Hollywood Heights: Episode 62

On today's episode of Hollywood Heights...

Loren is still having bad thoughts about her father. Eddie sets up a meeting with Lily, but she re-schedules it. Chloe and Tyler clash, but Chloe tells him that he’ll never have evidence. Tyler records their entire conversation from his cell phone. Jake and Traci’s marriage is going to a dead end.

Phil finally manages to sabotage Colorado and get him arrested. Chloe plans to take down Loren. Eddie clashes with Kelly about Loren’s career, but Loren isn’t sure what she wants. Ellie continues to harass Nora, and she eventually quits. Don’s need for money gets larger. Adriana is worried about her dad. Lisa and Mel finally make up. Gus offers Phil to come and work for him.

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Tuesday, 30. April 2013