Robert Pattinson 'pranks Kristen'

Robert Pattinson reportedly tried to prank Kristen Stewart by asking her to see a lie detector specialist.

Robert Pattinson apparently played a prank on Kristen Stewart by asking her to take a lie detector test.

The Hollywood stars have rekindled their romance and spent increasing amounts of time together in recent months. Their relationship hit the rocks last year after Kristen admitted to having an affair with married director Rupert Sanders. Last week it was claimed Kristen was spending time with Rupert again after she was seemingly photographed getting into a car with a man who resembled him. However, it later emerged the man in question was in fact a valet. Robert decided to make light of the speculation, by asking Kristen to attend a session with a lie detector specialist to prove her innocence.

“Kristen and Rob have been getting along brilliantly recently. He just laughed when someone showed him those pictures – he knows the valet well and thought he would have some fun by setting up a lie detector test then asking Kristen to take part,” a source told British newspaper The Sun. “Luckily she saw the funny side of it.”

It was recently claimed that Kristen and Robert are getting along so well they have been discussing their future together.

The stars were pictured looking loved-up at the Coachella music festival in California, and 23-year-old Kristen was allegedly overheard telling friends that their relationship is getting serious.

Kristen also reportedly revealed that the “commitment ring” she was sporting at the festival was a gift from her Twilight co-star.

“[Kristen was overheard saying], ‘Rob and I will get married,’” a source told British magazine Grazia.

“Kristen wants Rob to understand how committed she is. They’ve had a pretty tough time of it, and it’s been a bit touch and go, but Kristen wants Rob to know that this is for life as far as she’s concerned. Rob is yet to propose, but the commitment ring is a sign of how far they’ve come.”
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Tuesday, 30. April 2013