Reese Witherspoon: Baby stole my brain

Reese Witherspoon is "losing friendships" after suffering from memory loss since having her youngest child.

Reese Witherspoon claims her youngest child “stole” her brain.

The actress has daughter Ava and son Deacon from her marriage to Ryan Phillippe and last year she welcomed baby Tennessee into the world with her husband Jim Toth.

Running around after her three kids can be hectic and the 37-year-old admits she sometimes struggles to keep up.

“Ever since I had the baby, I can’t remember anything. Serious, this child stole my brain,” she laughed to Red magazine.

“I’m losing friendships over forgetting to get back to people. But you can’t keep up with everything. I’ve got a 13-year-old, a nine-year-old and a baby… It’s like CNN ticker tape running through my mind at all times [puts on robotic voice]: ‘Where is Ava? She’s okay. Good. Where is Deacon? He’s okay. Good. Where is Tennessee? Is he okay? Yes. Great. Back to Ava…’ It doesn’t stop.”

Life has been even more hectic for the mother-of-three, following an arrest for disorderly conduct earlier this month.

Reese was briefly jailed after her husband Jim was taken into custody for DUI in Atlanta, Georgia.

The Oscar-winning star knows it’s important to focus on the positives and makes the most out of her success.

Reese used to keep her best actress Academy Award for Walk the Line hidden, but a friend recently urged her to put it on show.

“Because Lord knows every day is not a success, every year is not a success. You have to celebrate the good,” she admitted.

As well as juggling her family and making movies, the star makes time to fight for causes she believes in.

Reese is a keen feminist and believes in the right to equal pay for everyone.

“Even now, in America, a woman makes 87 cents to every dollar a man makes. If you’re a black woman, you make 75 cents. You’re a Latin woman, it’s 67 cents. And this is doing the same job. There is enormous inequality in pay and inequality in the workplace to this day,” she explained.
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Monday, 29. April 2013