Anna Friel bemoans lack of naked males

Anna Friel was a little annoyed by the lack of male nudity on set of her newest film, The Look of Love.

Anna Friel didn’t think it was “fair” there was more female than male nudity in her newest film.

The 36-year-old actress is starring in British comedy drama The Look of Love alongside Steve Coogan and Imogen Poots.

Anna has joked she was a little annoyed by the lack of male nudity on set of the Michael Winterbottom-directed movie.

“The cast was mainly men and the females who were in it were all naked. I’d look around and think, ‘Well, this isn’t fair!’” she laughed in an interview with British magazine Closer.

Steve plays Paul Raymond in the movie – a porn baron who launched a range of titles under Paul Raymond Publications including Men Only, Escort, Club International, Mayfair and many other best-selling titles.

The actor was overwhelmed by the disrobed beauties on set.

“It was a bit like aversion therapy. You can have too much of a good thing!” he laughed.

Anna recently revealed that acting in the buff is not a “big deal”. The star explained that undressing in front of the camera doesn’t concern her so much.

“For my part when I got to it, I was so used to it. It’s not such a big deal, I think we’ve become a bit more relaxed now with our approach to nudity and nakedness,” she said.

“Strangely enough I felt more liberated, not just because of the period of what the ’70s mean to us, but in those outfits the shorter the skirts got and the longer the hair got.”
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Sunday, 28. April 2013