Mischa Barton slams celeb lifestyle

Mischa Barton wouldn't wish the intrusive celebrity lifestyle on her "worst enemy".

Mischa Barton doesn’t understand why people are still “fascinated” by her private life.

The actress joined hit TV show The O.C. when she was just 17, and the series catapulted her to international fame.

Mischa earned a reputation as a Hollywood wild child, but insists she is now a reformed person.

“I don’t think I was quite ready. We had no private lives and were followed mercilessly. It’s tough to have every moment of [your life] documented and never be allowed down time. I wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemy,” she explained in an interview with British magazine Look.

“I feel like people are still harping on about things that happened to me ages ago – for some reason they’re still fascinated by it. But it’s like night and day for me – I’m a completely different person.”

Mischa went on to reveal how she thinks she has changed.

“I’ve grown up. I feel confident in myself again these days. I’ve become smarter over the years – I stay out of the public eye and go out in Hollywood once in a blue moon,” she explained.

“I just feel settled and happy with my life between London and LA.”

Mischa is currently dating English actor Sebastian Knapp, and says she hangs out with Brits “all the time”.

The stunning star has revealed what she loves about England.

“I like to go to the pub for Sunday lunch with my family. It’s things like that I value the most when I’m in London. My sister [Zoe] just had a baby so I see her and we mainly walk out basset hound in Hyde Park,” she smiled.
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Sunday, 28. April 2013